The Modernity and Culture Called Jogjakarta

“Since when people became too busy and forget about this fact, this event and this moment?”

The train was stopped in Lempuyangan Station. Rain fall hardly when we stepped our feet. Welcome again to Jogjakarta, the City of Art.
Breathe freely without stress. The purpose from this journey is for killing all the boring times and getting the new experience of life. Come to Jogja, feel the mixture of modernity and culture. Alive, breathe, and feels your heart beats. It is amazing. My friend and I were traveling in Jogja for five days. We explore the exotic of Prambanan temple, Ratu Boko temple, Vredeburg castle, Keraton and of course Beringharjo-the traditional market. If you think it is familiar to read the story like that I agree, but here I reveal one side of those, the mixture of happiness, modernity, and ancient called as awareness.

The first place that we visited in Jogja was The Prambanan temple which is making me feels amazing. The place is big, very large, and near from the traditional market, road, and busy activities. Seems strange, like looking a traditional house in modern residence. Unique and you cannot see that view everywhere.
Before entering the Temple you are necessary to using a kind of traditional saroong, the employee will help you to wear the sarong. The building there was beautiful; I enter one by one the temple. There was dark, but I can see the cracks of the temple that make me feel afraid. Even the employee will give us helmet, I still feel afraid of the building condition. How amazing the history of Indonesia, this is a big heritage of Indonesia. Indonesian people should make sure to keep this culture heritage exist. Not only Indonesian people, many tourists from other country come to this temple. I decided to break for a while in the temple stairs and watching people taking photograph with SLR camera or digital camera. I got something interesting in the corner of the temple when an old man sitting to taking a rest. He is using a uniform, hold a camera and I know that he is a photographer of this place. His face look tired, maybe this man confuse because today he just take a little of photo. People are bringing their own camera, so they do not need him to taking photo. I observe this man for several times and still, people do not asking him for taking a picture.jogja1
The development of time not always gives a good impact for every people. There is a particular side which is forgotten because time flies so fast. People choose to capture their moment by their own camera, and the photographers which are paid by their blitz are forgotten.
The Cracks in Prambanan Tempe looks same as the cracks of the time. People just wait for the time when something or someone is forgotten.This awareness came to my mind in that place, stairs of Prambanan Temple, Jogjakarta.

Go traveling does not mean you have to spend much of your money. My friend and I have to calculate everything before bought something. For example before go to Prambanan Temple, we bring our own snack so we do not need to buy something in Temple’s area because it cost expensive.
Enjoying Jogja city atmosphere, see the activity of this ‘city of art’ is a good experience in Jogjakarta. I sit in one of chair in public place, staring to the building, the road and the people. There are several colonial building which is still exist and used as post office and bank. Luckyly, that day rain was not fall and the wind fresh breeze. So, my friend and I can enjoy our time and sit without worrying anything. Traffic in Jogjakarta is heavy, there are many traffic lamps and the timer is so long. I was looking the cars and the motorcycles; they are racing with the time, while I sat in the corner of Jogjakarta and enjoyed the song from the street singer. I was hearing their song, sometimes it is in Indonesian Language or sometimes it is Javanese. The traffic lamp changed to red, the cars were stopped while the people crossed the street. The traffic lamp changed to green, and the cars started to run again. In the crowded, a problem was happened when a delman trying to cross the street. In Jogjakarta delman is used to be a public transportation even in the capital city. It is so funny, two transportation with different fuel and velocity in same road. Modern versus traditional. Which one is will win? And which one will be

Talk about the street artist, you can meet them almost in across the Malioboro Street or in the KM 0 (zero Kilo Meter).    There are street singer, dancer and tattoo artist. I made one temporary tattoo in my left hands, and I like the picture. The combinations of those artists make the atmosphere of Jogjakarta come alive. Since when people became too busy and forget about this fact, this event and this moment? Does every people there realize that the artist want to keep their culture by singing Javanese song and dancing the traditional dance? I will regret if I just come and go traveling to Jogjakarta without knowing the street, the street artist, and the crowded. The heartbeat of Jogjakarta is here, in every corner of the street.