Nowadays many kids in the 5-10 years old are singing the song for teenagers or adults, because there are just few songs for the children, whereas song for kids are important for character development of the kids. There are some reason why kids song are important for them.

 Many kid like to listen Dangdut songs because they usually listen to it on the television or radio. The impact is the kids usually sing the Dangdut or teenagers song instead of song for the kids. Actually, songs for adult can break kid’s character because songs for the adults usually use the rude words. Children usually sing it without knowing what the meaning is. They just sing it because many people around them sing that song, like they sing “Kuhamil Duluan” . The lyric of that song is vulgar and can break the children’s characters.

Kid song are important to increase the kids knowledge because the lyric teach the kid about many kinds. For example is “Pelangi – pelangi”. That song teach children about the rainbow colors and also teach children about how almighty God is. Kid song is like a teacher which can teach the children indirectly, because the meaning of the song lyrics contain moral values and religious values, that is important for kid’s character development.

Kid songs make children happy. We can not forget that the purpose of singing a song is for entertain, that so why the lyric and the music should make the children laugh and happy. The kid can sing a song and dance with funny movement to make their body healthy. The adults must protect their children to not imitate the adults dance which is usually dangerous and vulgar. Just teach them to sing the kids song.

So,song for the kid are important because it helps kid to build the good character since they are young. It is useful when they grow up to be an adult because the moral values in kid song can be remembered by them.