How Aggressive the E-commerce today!

How many E-commerce apps do you have on your smart phone? 1,2,3 or more?

I myself install 3 e-commerce apps on my phone. In the beginning, I rarely use these apps for shopping. I use these apps just to make price comparison from the product in conventional market to what it sells in online stores.


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Next time I just want to check what kind of product they sell in online store, and it brings me to be a buyer. A little bit surprise, I found they sell the various products with various prices also. The filter key also helps us to buy a product based on our budget limit. I buy a hand phone from Lazada finally. The app is easy to use because this app is mobile friendly, the description of product is good, and the delivery time is quite fast.  My hand phone arrived after two days. After first transaction in Lazada, I become the regular buyer from online store apps :D. I bought makeup, bag, and even for soap I prefer to buy it from online store.

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Lately, the marketing strategies of online stores are getting wild. It cannot be denied that the competition between online stores happen because there are so many online store in Indonesia and worldwide. I install three e-commerce apps; Lazada, Shopee, and Tokopedia. From my research, they use Flash sale as a technique sale, to boost the visitor in their app, and to boost the transaction. How it works? These three apps, will sale some product in limited time. For example, they do flash sell 50 rice cookers at 12.00. At 12.10 the rice cookers have sold out. These three apps use flash sale technique with different time and various products. I usually check flash sale in Shopee app, because this app usually sale so many products in certain hours.

Flash Sale Xiaomi Redmi 5A di Lazada -

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In this Ramadan month, the level of Indonesian product consumption is higher than the previous months. Many workers get their THR (Religious holiday allowance) this month. The online shops take this moment to do Ramadan big sale.

The E-commerce apps do unmitigated promotion apps to pull people to visit. Moreover, two apps that I mention above promote their sale in two different national televisions. I just surprised how ambitious and aggressive e-commerce apps nowadays. One more time I remember when a pop up adv. blocked my article to show an e-commerce promotion.

The competition between e-commerce apps is very interesting for me to be seen. The new e-commerce app is possible to be new and new every day. Today people are so innovative in many ways. Including open an online store to sell a certain product, release a new promotion to pull people attention. It always interesting for me to see how people could be so innovative in this competitive digital era.