Diaspora is one term in Postcolonial Theory. Diaspora means the voluntary or enforced migration of peoples from their native homelands.  Diaspora literature is often concerned with questions of maintaining or altering identity, language, and culture while in another culture or country.

The settlers from mainland Europe continued to flow into the British Isles, there was greater contact between Britain and the Continent. About 500 BC, the new kind of culture was spreading across lowland Britain called Celts. The Celtic tribes probably came from central Europe and moved outwards into parts of Italy, France and Spain as well as Britain. This tribes slowly developed into a larger tribes and ruled by a King or Queen. In other words for many year the Celtic tribe civilization was developed. The Celtic language had been spoken at length.

Back to England In 1066, to the Norman conquest. In this reign era  the development of English language started. Norman was giving land to the knights in the existing Celtic territory . English language has been exist and used for communication at that time. But by interaction for lengt years between people, the language itself developed by the people. There are so many people from different origin causing the  pronounciation of a word or phoneme were different. This process was happened in every interaction whether political interaction or economic. The combined ethno-linguistic and political implications of such circumstances help to explain the accelerated spread of the English language overseas (Christina Julios. 2008, 24).  From Contemporary British Identity, Christina Julios explained the spread of the language,

As a language, English is constantly evolving, and in this evolutionary process its contact with other tongues has been an important driving force for change. Throughout its remarkable history, the English language has always borrowed freely: firstly, from Celtic and Latin, later from Scandinavian and Norman French, and subsequently from the various languages spoken in the many British colonies. This extraordinary ability to absorb and incorporate different linguistic influences undoubtedly contributed to the rapid spread of English during Britain’s colonisation period.


Celtic is a strong tribe, developed, and well-organized so they could giving influence to the others. As we know the strongest always have the big control of things, so they also did the same. Nowadays the impact of celt diaspora can clearly see in the English words. The words are the combination of Italy, France and Spain.


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